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company news about The performance and use of Rotating Sealant Spreading table

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China Jinan Lijiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
The performance and use of Rotating Sealant Spreading table
Latest company news about The performance and use of Rotating Sealant Spreading table
1、Usage of Rotating Sealant Spreading table
LJZT03 Rotating Sealant Spreading table is used in the last step of making insulated glass. As the name suggests, it is a rotating table that is used with Sealing Pump to fill sealant in the insulated glass. It rotates 90° in one rotation. Revolving part and Suction part are connected together for better performance. This machine gives you the freedom to make even big glass size due to its stretched arm feature. These stretched arms help keep even the big glass straight, so that while filling the sealant, the glass does not bend. It is an ideal equipment to make insulated glass.
2、Main technical parameters of  Sealant Spreading table
Working environment Parameter Unit Remarks
Working environment temperature 15-40℃
Carry/deposit temperature -20-55℃
Carry/deposit humidity 30-90%
Basic characteristic
Input voltage AC480V±10%,60HZ
Input power 120 W
Rotated speed 6.5 r/min
Air consumption 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Max glass size 2000*1500 Mm
Min glass size 200*200 Mm
Dimensions 600*450*950 Mm
3、Main construction
This machine include Adjust flat bottom、Prop up、Revolve to prop up the device、Spread to move the device, spirit carries control system, electric appliances control system and plank.
3.1 Revolve prop up the device
Revolve prop up the device include the prop up、prop up the pole、prop up set、big sucker、 small sucker.
3.2 Spread to move the device
This device consisted the Spread to move the deceleration electrical engineering、decelerate machine and chain round.
3.3 Spirit carries control system
This system included the Spirit source processor, electromagnetism valve, singled direction valve and vacuum occurrence machine, pass the system control the matches of the size sucker.
3.4 Electric appliances control system
This system consisted the spread to feel machine, after the electric appliances, electric appliances a piece that break the machine and can operate constitutes,working dependable, operation is simple, automation the degree is high.
4、Installation and adjustment
The machine body must be grounded to a dry place. The place should be dust and moisture free to prevent corrosion. The working temperature range of machine is 10-40℃. After placing the machine on the ground, make the machine level with flat surface. Check for ant loose parts.
For earthing the machine, use Yellow-Green copper wire with a cross section area of 4mm2. The resistance between the machine body and the principal grounding spots after grounding should be less than 4Ω。
5、Use and operation
5.1 Glass size ≤500*400mm
Fix the big sucker to prop up the dish in the turn-over first last, put on to change to deal with contact quickly, place the power supply knob switch in the " open" position, order the feet that move the vacuum sucker control step the switch, regulating manometer control knob, make the vacuum degree attain the fit pressure value( according to sucker glass prison then, do not adjust too big), according to the operation habit, change direction the electrical engineering to knob to place in the position between" positive" or" anti", order first the feet that move the vacuum sucker control step the switch( otherwise the electrical engineering do not turn), then order to move to turn to move the feet steps the switch, can immediately proceed the operation.
5.2 Glass size ≥550*400mm
Prop up big sucker to dish to ascend to dismantle from the turn-over first, will change to deal with contact to change the small sucker spirit road inside quickly, then put the glass on the small sucker, regulate the length that prop up the pole according to the vitreous size, then turn to use to support the pole, making prop up the tight in a bolt for coming in contact with all glass then, willing prop up a top finally. The rest is together 5.1
6.1 When tune up to prop up the tight in a bolt for and glass contact even empress, must will prop up a top, prop up otherwise the pole turns to move, prop up, the round escapes from the glass, will produce the glass move the phenomenon.
6.2 Big sucker in usage, doing not want will enter the barometric dint adjusts of over high, otherwise the vacuum a glass for too bigger, being usage thickness is thinner, easy is ground the glass.
7.1 After using the machine for a specific period of time, open and check the plank. Check for loose firmware or parts not moving.
7.2 Before the work off, clean the dust and sealant from the machine. Cover the turn over dish to prevent dust from falling into suckers.
7.3 Prop up set and prop up pole should be lubricated from time to time. Also apply anti-rust coating.
7.4 Periodically check electrical connects whether loose or not, and connect the dependable of the ground.
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