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company news about Make glass processing simpler and smarter, and be a new professional in the glass machinery industry

China Jinan Lijiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Jinan Lijiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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Our using experience proves that your equipment is of a high level. Especially thank you for your professional service, the service is quite good. We hope your company keep the way all the time.

—— Mr. Caner -CEO

Good machines, good service, Good people.

—— Mr. Flavio - CEO

lijiang machines is very stable , we purchase more than 3 IG line from them , it's good . service is very nice , 24 hours online with fast reply .

—— Mr Dilip

I am from vietnam , lijiang is my china machine supplier, from last three years we start cooperation ,till now all good .

—— Mr THO

This is Robin from birkan engineering company india , we are big manufacturer for rail way glass , last two year we bought one argon gas line , and other accessary machines, very nice machines , very nice service . it improved double time working efficiency . Thanks for lijiang support .

—— Mr Robin

It's my second time buy lijiang machines , their machine quality and service are excellent , so lucky have this good and honest supplier.

—— Mr Abdul

when buy the machines from oversea market, always wondering how is the quality , how is the service, how is their person , how should do if they are lier , But finially close order with them , everything is excellent .

—— MR Dave

Being in the glass industry for over 20 years ,the one thing i can tell you is that machines don't speak ,but you can tell a lot about the manufacturer that make them through using the machines. Well,there is nothing unpleasing i can tell about Lijiang Automatic Co.


What makes me a loyal customer of Lijiang is their professionalization ,efficiency ,punctuality and fast reaction on after-service .Hope we can always have this in the future.


A perfect combination of quality,price and service .Who doesn't like to work with a company like this ?


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Company News
Make glass processing simpler and smarter, and be a new professional in the glass machinery industry
Latest company news about Make glass processing simpler and smarter, and be a new professional in the glass machinery industry

Jinan Lijiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Han Jincang: Make glass processing simpler and smarter, and be a new professional in the glass machinery industry

I`m Han Jincang, serving as the general manager of Jinan Lijiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., and I have been deeply involved in the field of insulating glass machining for more than 20 years, from the country`s first simplest horizontal rubber strip type equipment to Lijiang`s super large plate fully automatic hollow With the advent of the glass production line, I have personally witnessed the development of the glass industry from 0 to 1 in China for more than two decades. It is also the continuous change and development of China's glass machinery industry that makes me firm in my dream of technological innovation and boosting the rise of the Chinese nation's industry. Our corporate vision in Lijiang is to make glass processing simpler and smarter, and to be a new professional in the glass machinery industry. For this vision, my team and I have united and worked hard.

lijiang glass

Since 2015, Jinan Lijiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has continuously obtained nearly 10 special funds for the development of industrial science and technology in Jinan City and Huaiyin District. In 2020, it will cooperate with the Institute of Automation of Shandong Academy of Sciences to develop high-speed heavy-duty handling robot system for the hollow glass production line. The project won the Jinan Huaiyin District Collaborative Innovation Fund, passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification in April 2021, and was selected as a "specialized, specialized, new, and new" small and medium-sized enterprise in Jinan City and Shandong Province in June and July 2021, respectively. In July 2021, Jinan Lijiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. stood out from 15 companies and was awarded the "Enterprise Science and Technology Association". Thank the government for its attention and strong support to us.

insulating glass processing

Of course, these scientific and technological achievements are inseparable from the efforts of our entire family in Lijiang. In the past ten years, our Lijiang team has continued to increase R&D investment, continue to carry out technological innovation, leading products and technologies, and sell well at home and abroad. We adopt domestic advanced ERP and CRM management software in the production management and sales system of the enterprise to create an efficient, precise, united and orderly high-tech team. It is such a team that has never stopped exploring and innovating. In 2020, we have positioned the goal of becoming China`s largest board of hollow cables. By benchmarking with the world`s top manufacturers, Liu Lirong, the head of our technology department. The technical design of the engineer led the technical team to decompose the 7-meter-long processing capacity of the super-large board production line into two board presses, and realize the technical idea through the precise and synchronous pressing of the servo screw, which inspired the entire design team. Everyone worked overtime and worked overnight. It took only 14 days to complete the drawing of China's largest hollow line. Because of the load-bearing problem of the super large plate glass and the difficulty of inflating, the first-line assembly elites carried out repeated proofreading during the processing and assembly process. The 3.3-meter*7-meter three-glass and two-cavity glass weighs two tons at most, which is equivalent. For an adult Asian elephant, in the process of glass lifting and adsorption, technical research has faced unprecedented challenges. Colleagues from the technical department went deep into the front line and repeated comparison tests in the workshop. By replacing the large-thrust cylinder and the suction cup with high vacuum adsorption capacity, using the principle of simultaneous operation of lifting and adsorption, the successful lifting of glass was achieved. This difficulty has just been overcome. , And ushered in a new problem, because the glass is too heavy and the glass transmission is slow. At this moment, our Wang Xiangwei and Wang Gong decisively recommended replacing a pair of 2.2Kw high-power and high-torque motors through calculation of load-bearing force analysis. After two months of assembling, it finally completed the most advanced processing of insulating glass made in China with domestic equipment.

insulating glass processing

This domestic largest fully automatic super-large production line represents the spirit of Lijiang's continuous exploration and the enthusiasm of the Chinese nation`s manufacturing industry to climb the peak. It made its debut at the 31st China Glass Exhibition this year. This production line not only can At the same time, the processing of two pieces of insulating glass has been improved, the processing efficiency has been improved, and the difficulty of China's technically unable to achieve the inflation and pressing of super large plates has attracted a lot of attention from industry leaders and colleagues in the industry. This is Lijiang's new plate pressing technology and China Another qualitative leap in the automation level of hollow equipment technology. At present, we are also actively submitting the project of this fully automatic super large board production line to the declaration of the "first in the province" project. Then Liu Lirong and Liu Gong led our technical team to start a new round of research and development of the large plate sealing line. In June of this year, we successfully realized the seamless connection between the production line and the sealing line. It also achieved another breakthrough in the field of super-large plate insulating glass production line in China.

We at Lijiang will continue to make unremitting efforts to improve customer satisfaction, enrich product lines, strictly control quality, and be specialized in glass machinery industry. We will use better products and better services to give back to customers and society, and let glass The processing is simpler and smarter, deep plowing and meticulous cultivation, forging ahead, and becoming a new specialty in the glass machinery industry.


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