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company news about How Lijiang Glass Company's fully automatic insulating glass production line is made

China Jinan Lijiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Jinan Lijiang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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Our using experience proves that your equipment is of a high level. Especially thank you for your professional service, the service is quite good. We hope your company keep the way all the time.

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Good machines, good service, Good people.

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I am from vietnam , lijiang is my china machine supplier, from last three years we start cooperation ,till now all good .

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This is Robin from birkan engineering company india , we are big manufacturer for rail way glass , last two year we bought one argon gas line , and other accessary machines, very nice machines , very nice service . it improved double time working efficiency . Thanks for lijiang support .

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It's my second time buy lijiang machines , their machine quality and service are excellent , so lucky have this good and honest supplier.

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when buy the machines from oversea market, always wondering how is the quality , how is the service, how is their person , how should do if they are lier , But finially close order with them , everything is excellent .

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Being in the glass industry for over 20 years ,the one thing i can tell you is that machines don't speak ,but you can tell a lot about the manufacturer that make them through using the machines. Well,there is nothing unpleasing i can tell about Lijiang Automatic Co.


What makes me a loyal customer of Lijiang is their professionalization ,efficiency ,punctuality and fast reaction on after-service .Hope we can always have this in the future.


A perfect combination of quality,price and service .Who doesn't like to work with a company like this ?


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Company News
How Lijiang Glass Company's fully automatic insulating glass production line is made
Latest company news about How Lijiang Glass Company's fully automatic insulating glass production line is made

For glass, the larger the area, the more difficult it is to make. "Lijiang Glass Chief Engineer Liu Lirong introduced to the reporter that because the design must meet the requirements of good plane deformation, air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure deformation, etc., in order to ensure the reliability and stability of large glass, so This feature has also become a difficulty." This large-scale glass is 3.3 *8 meters in size, and is produced by a fully automatic insulating glass production line independently designed and developed by the company. We decompose the 8-meter-long processing production line into two plate presses, and through the precise and synchronous pressing of the servo screw, the problems of load-bearing, inflation, lifting, adsorption, and transmission of the super-large plate glass are solved, and finally a fully automatic super-large hollow glass is realized. Breakthrough in glass production technology. "Liu Lirong said that such large glass mainly meets the market demand of high-end home improvement market and customized doors and windows, and is often used in transportation stations, shopping malls, hotels, large office areas and other places. practical application. "

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It is pressed and inflated. What is the advantage of the glass produced in this way? Faced with this problem, Liu Lirong said, on the one hand, it is energy saving, and on the other hand, it is safety. "Just like the glass in front of us, we will fill the interlayer with argon gas. Since argon gas is an inert gas, it has a significant effect on heat preservation. Whether it is air conditioning in summer or heating in winter, it can reduce the impact of outdoor temperature inside the house. It also achieves the goal of energy saving." "In terms of safety, automatic loading and unloading robots are used to complete the loading and unloading of large-scale insulating glass production. Moreover, the current ultra-large insulating glass panels will use tempered and laminated safety glass. The advantage of the tempered laminate is that even if the glass breaks, the fragments will be stuck to the film, and the surface of the broken glass remains clean and smooth, which effectively prevents the occurrence of fragments being punctured and penetrating and falling, and ensures personal safety.”


The above-mentioned fully automatic production line is just a microcosm of Lijiang Automation's intelligent products, from the fully automatic butyl rubber glue six-axis robot, to the fully automatic aluminum spacer filling machine, fully automatic aluminum frame bending machine, fully automatic sealing line, etc., in recent years In the future, more and more intelligent products are designed and developed. Lijiang Glass has continuously innovated technology and continuously cultivated talents. Lijiang Glass products have been exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and other places, and have 10 companies in overseas markets as sales agents, and established a branch in New Delhi, India. At present, product export accounts for more than 50% of the company's total sales.

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