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500Kg Sucker Car

500Kg Sucker Car
500Kg Sucker Car 500Kg Sucker Car

Large Image :  500Kg Sucker Car

Product Details:
Place of Origin: JINAN CHINA
Certification: CE
Model Number: LJXPC500KG
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 20000 - 40000 per set
Packaging Details: Container
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month

500Kg Sucker Car

Production Name: Glass Sucker Car Application: Loading Glass
Weight: 300kg / 500kg / 900kg Using: Glass Lifting
Warranty: 1 Year Machine Power: 4KW
High Light:

glass vacuum lifting equipment


mechanical vacuum lifter

Sucker Car 500Kg For Transfer Glass And Loading Or Downloading Glass


Product description:

The glass suction cup car is operated for electric and hydraulic. The whole system consists of electric vacuum device, electric performance device, hydraulic performance device, electric drive system and safety protection system, which can realize the operation of clamping, lifting and carrying the glass to a specific position. It can also be assembled into various models to adapt to different systems.

500Kg Sucker Car 0

一,Technical parameters:


Information Details
Suitable for lifting

Material properties: Gastight/ non-porous, smooth surface

Example: flat glass, building glass, various kinds of processing glass and special glass

Weight 500KG





Name Type:FVL-CS500-10 500KG
Safe Load Capacity



Body Size 2850mm*1200mm*1750mm
Suckers Description Black rubber, abrasion resistant,
Power 200Ah (24V)*4pcs
Charge power


110V~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Machine power 4KW
Weight 500KG


Suitable material Glass
Using way Manual operate
Product Weight



Noise level


Less than 70 Db





  Hydraulic tilt 180° upwards and downwards with stopping at any position.
  Hydraulic head slew left & right 90°with stopping at any position.
  Hydraulic lift up and down up to 4000mm.




Hydraulic extend the lifting arm to 1000mm.

  Electric motor car, control by steering wheel
  Hydraulic move left & right 90°
  Recharge when electricity power less than 30%
Instructure Accum non-return system and vacuum compensation system



四,The main parts of the machine


1. Fully electric suction cup part:

● The driving computer has a low-voltage over-current protection device to effectively prevent the undervoltage from harming the electrical system.

● High performance hydraulic pumping station

● Equipped with electronic limit switch, it can accurately control the maximum lifting height of the gantry, effectively protect the lifting motor and extend the use of the motor.


● The drive motor has the advantages of strong power, stable performance and low noise.

● Industrial battery for electric suction cup car, equipped with intelligent matching charger, with automatic power-off function, the entire charging

There is no need for on-site monitoring.


2. Suction cup mechanism: The suction cup frame is designed in a rectangular shape and welded by square tube and rectangular tube, which is safe and durable. The suction cups are evenly distributed, so that the force is even and stable after the glass is adsorbed, and the suction cup position can be adjusted in the entire rectangular frame to adapt to different specifications of the glass. Work load 500kg, walking speed manpower control.


3. Suction cup: It adopts fixed-point rubber suction cup, each suction cup can be independently opened and closed to adapt to different specifications of glass; for abnormal power failure, the fixed-point rubber can effectively keep the negative pressure in the suction cup body slowly decreasing, so as to keep the workpiece for a certain period of time. Dropped.


4. Flip mechanism: The hydraulic push rod drives the suction cup holder to achieve 0-90° flip.


5. Rotating mechanism: Use the reducer + gear to drive the suction cup holder to achieve 0-360° rotation.


6. Vacuum part: Adopt imported DC oil-free vacuum pump + check valve + inlet solenoid valve + filter + inlet digital pressure sensor + single suction cup cavity control ball valve to achieve rapid and stable adsorption and release of glass.


7. Alarm system: When the system vacuum pressure drops from the upper limit (85%) to the lower limit (55%), the low pressure alarm is triggered, and the system controls the vacuum pump to automatically replenish the pressure until the upper limit of the vacuum pressure is reached, effectively ensuring the safety of the glass throughout the handling process.


五,Work process

  • After starting the machine, the suction cup should be in the horizontal position;
  • If the suction cup is not in the working position, return the suction cup to the horizontal position by the button;
  • When sucking the workpiece, operate the suction cup to open the suction cup to a suitable position and stop at a certain position from the glass;
  • Then operate the hydraulic push rod to move forward until the suction cup contacts the glass, and the worker controls the turning mechanism to adjust the suction cup angle by naked eye observation so that the suction cup and the glass are completely fitted;
  • Then start to operate and suck off the system until the vacuum system pressure fully reaches the set safety pressure value, the buzzer stops alarming, and the suction cup safely sucks the glass;
  • After sucking the workpiece, operate the suction cup and raise it to a certain height. Operate the flipper so that the suction cup is turned over or rotated 90° to the position of the limit sensor, and the flip or rotation is stopped.
  • Operate the hydraulic push rod to retract the suction cup to the suction cup door frame, so that the center of gravity is kept stable, so as to ensure the safety and stability during the process of starting the suction cup to move to the desired position;
  • When the suction cup is moved to the position close to the destination, stop moving the suction cup, manually observe the discharge position, and realize the fine adjustment alignment by operating the suction cup up and down movement and the hydraulic push rod moving back and forth;
  • After the center of the glass is aligned with the center of the door frame, operate the hydraulic push rod to move forward, put the glass into the door frame, and after reaching a certain position, stop pushing, operate the vacuum release button, release the workpiece, and complete the suction cup handle glass. On the door frame;

(10) Operate the push rod to retract the suction cup to the suction cup door frame, and then exit the door frame; then move the suction cup to move to the glass to be handled, and repeat the steps 3-9 to complete the glass transportation again.














  Name Set Parameters
1 Drive form 电动
2 Driving style 步行式
3 Rated load KG 1500
4 Load center distance mm 600
5 Lifting height mm 3000
6 Height when the gantry is retracted mm 2000
7 Height after suction cup drop mm 1000
8 Machine length mm 2850
9 Machine width mm 1200
10 Turning radius mm 2500
11 Driving speed Full load / no load km/h 5
12 Lifting speed Full load / no load m/s 0.06/0.13
13 Falling speed Full load / no load m/s 0.13/0.10
14 Maximum climbing capacity Full load / no load % 6/15
15 Drive motor power KW 1.2
16 Lifting motor power KW 2.2
17 Vehicle noise Db(A) 70
18 Battery voltage / capacity V/Ah 24/200
19 Charger V/A 24/15
20 Machine weight Kg 1500

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